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Douglas Baillie Ltd

Douglas Baillie Ltd was a found to have mis-advised people to transfer their pensions into high risk Sipps that were not suitable for the clients. 

The investments ended up failing quite early on and as a result, the clients lost their pension pots.

In late 2013, Douglas Baillie Ltd were liquidated as they could not pay for the amount of claims coming in against them. They have since collapsed and thousands more claims are flooding in.

Many people still have not put their claim in to get their pension back.

Contract Review

Were you poorly advised to transfer you pension into a Sipp by Douglas Baillie Ltd? If you were and you've not yet got your redress, we could get it back for you.

If you have any questions or would like a free case review to find out if we could help you with your claim, fill out our simple form below.

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