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Private Crime


The firm does not offer any legal aid, we only have privately funded clients. This means that we can offer an extremely bespoke and focused service.

Private Crime

We strive to provide a top-class criminal defence service to all of our clients, whatever their circumstance. You can expect total peace of mind as you engage with our strong, dedicated and experienced criminal defence team. We will deal with your case sensitively and efficiently, delivering exceptional standards of client care to minimise the impact on both your work and home life.

Our team of specialist criminal defence solicitors have a wealth of experience in defending individuals and companies for charges of:

  • Murder and Manslaughter

  • Sexual allegations including Rape and Sexual Assaults

  • Assault

  • Fraud

  • Theft

  • Harassment

  • Drugs offences

  • Criminal damage

  • Driving offences such as speeding and drink/drug driving (please see separate page)

  • Business crime

  • Professional conduct

  • Regulatory defence


How much will it cost?

Most criminal defence law firms charge legal fees according to the time they spend on your case. We believe fixed fees provide greater certainty in terms of cost and complete transparency, to enable you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Our fixed fee arrangement works exactly like a quote. You and your Solicitor discuss the matter and develop a plan for how to handle it. You get a fixed fee proposal that sets out the work to be done and how the fee is to be paid. Once we agree what is included, you sign the contract and our Criminal Lawyers start work.

Criminal Defence Solicitor fees are charged in stages rather than on the time involved. In some complex cases where it's difficult to identify an accurate fixed fee, we may seek to agree fees outside of our usual fixed fee process. An expert Criminal Law Solicitor will provide an initial assessment of your case for a fixed price, if possible and then advise you on your options and possible defense.

When should you contact our criminal solicitors?

We strongly advise if the police have been in contact with you and have asked you to attend an interview at a police station or your home, that you ensure you have one of our private criminal law solicitors present.

We can also act for you if your matter is further down the line. There might be an upcoming court appearance, or you may want a change of solicitor. If you want to talk about this, please just get in touch.

What will happen when you contact us?

In your initial contact we will gather information about your case to ensure you have the right specialist allocated to deal with your matter. Your specialist legal advisor may need to gather additional information and, using all the information acquired, you will then be given a case assessment with options on the best strategic approach.

We will then agree the best approach and the most cost-effective way to achieve this.

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