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New South Law supports "The Snowdrop Charity".

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust was founded in 1993 to support families who are faced with the very difficult news that their child has a life threatening or terminal illness by providing a Care at Home team to assist with vital nursing care.
Each family’s journey is different and the nurses, counsellors and health care assistants the Trust pays for are with them every step of the way.

Many families struggle with the additional costs that come with caring for a sick child. Usually, one parent will have to give up work to accommodate the additional care needs required for their child which can put extra financial strain on the whole family. The Trust can help with petrol vouchers to assist with numerous journeys to Southampton or Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Letter from the Charity to New South Law:


"Funds  are also made available for taxi trips to the hospital and essential equipment such as prams and washing machines – often these unexpected costs are ‘The straw that breaks the camel’s back’ as one mother said. A child receiving ongoing treatment in hospital can mean time away from school, siblings and friends. This can make the child feel isolated and distressed, The Trust can try and bring some joy in the form of toys and iPads.

Your gift of £2,000 will go towards paying for the Christmas party at Butlin's in Bognor Regis. The event sees over 40 families enjoy a visit to Father Christmas, a family photo to take home, a buffet lunch, festive entertainment and a chance for the children to select their own present from a gift table. This is such a special event where families can relax and create precious memories and embrace happier times together.

The Trust must raise £350,000 a year to provide the Care at Home Team. Contributions come from Trusts, businesses and the community. There is no support from the government. Thank you for your support as this means a great deal to the Snowdrop families."

Please also take some time to view a film about two of our Snowdrop families and how the Trust helps.

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