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A fact-finding hearing. We have helped many families obtain answers about the circumstances of how their loved one died and helped bring to light any failings which may have contributed to their death.



Inquest law can be complex and the process itself daunting and traumatic. The lead up to an inquest is often an upsetting time, but a fact-finding hearing can allow families of loved ones get answers. 

We understand the sensitivity of these cases, so our team will strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. 

We specialise in the representation of individuals and organisations at coroners' inquests. Being well prepared for an inquest is key and it is vital that evidence is properly arranged and provided.

We have extensive experience in: 

  • Practice and procedure of the coroner’s courts, including providing representation

  • Taking witness statements – including some of a very technical nature

  • Preparing witness reports

  • Providing familiarisation training to witnesses giving evidence at inquests

  • Pre-inquest hearings and reviews

  • A variety of interview techniques to elicit sensitive and important information, often from traumatic memories 

  • Regulation 28 recommendations

  • Jury inquests

  • Article 2 inquests and other European Convention on Human Rights issues

  • Limiting the costs of the inquest process, in financial terms as well as management time and resource, and claims that follow inquests 

  • Dealing with media scrutiny


How much will it cost? 
We have a variety of funding options and our team will be able to discuss these with you and work out which is the best solution for you. 

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