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If you took out a loan that was secured on your home or a mortgage, with the help of a broker then we can help you bring an undisclosed commission claim.

Undisclosed commissions


If you took out a loan that was secured on your home or a mortgage, with the help of a broker then we can help you bring an undisclosed commission claim. 


What duties do brokers owe to their customers?


Brokers should:

  • Act in the best interests of the borrower

  • Not enter into a conflict of interest

  • Not make a secret profit from their clients

  • Disclose any commissions made to their clients

  • Provide services of a n appropriate standard


Brokers have a duty to act in your best interests by searching the market and finding the right mortgage or loan for you. 


However, many brokers failed to do this and were receiving commissions which were concealed from borrowers. 


Brokers were appearing to be impartial in trying to find you the best loan or mortgage when in fact they were acting on behalf of lenders which may have led to you taking out a loan which was not suitable or the most appropriate product for you.


Other examples of secret commissions include:


Plevin PPI


Everyone is now aware of the mis-selling scandal of PPI, and the deadline for claiming back compensation has now passed. However, if your bank or credit card provider did not disclose any commission that was paid at the point of purchase of PPI, they could potentially be liable for a separate undisclosed commission claim if you have not already claimed PPI compensation. A big chunk of the large premiums individuals were paying were often down to paying off commission paid to your bank or credit card provider for the sale of the PPI policy. After a Court ruling, known as Plevin, the hidden PPI premiums can be claimed back, plus any interest that may have been charged.  


Energy Brokers – Business Energy Claims

UK businesses could be owed billions through mis-sold business energy contracts. Often, these contracts are sold through energy brokers or consultants, sometimes known as third party intermediaries or TPIs. They can assist companies by sourcing gas and electricity contracts from energy suppliers. If the energy broker kept secret how much they were earning from this transaction, that is mis-selling. TPIs often tell the businesses they work under a “introducers fee”. However, many brokers will receive commission directly from the supplier they introduce you to in the form of a built-in unit price they arrange. This is often not disclosed. Mis-leading statements in relation to how the energy brokers get paid are often driven by financial motives for them, and not you.


Car Finance

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) financial plans for purchasing a car help customers obtain a motor vehicle for around 2-4 years by paying a monthly fee. Usually, customers will make a deposit of around 10%, and then an agreement is drawn up on monthly payments and any interest to be paid. However, a broker will often get a commission for using certain lenders.


Lenders have a habit of hiding this commission that is offered to their brokers. Mystery shopper investigations have shown that many are told about the commission garages receive for selling the car, but not the commission they receive for organising the finance deal. This potentially leaves the customer worse off, as credit options like this are always more expensive than paying cash up front. In this scenario, the customer’s best interests have not been at heart.  


How can I start my claim?


New South Law make starting your claim easy. We have a team of experts who are on hand to talk you through the process. There is no obligation to use our service after we have performed our initial checks. If you are one of the thousands in the UK that might have been affected by the undisclosed commission scandal, contact one of our team today and we will be in touch to talk you through the next steps. 



If there is a matter you would like to discuss with us, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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